What I Do

I am an educator who specializes in social emotional development. I became an educator to invest in children, as my teachers invested and believed in me. I always knew I was going to be an educator and I had prepared for it my whole life. However, becoming a teenage mother was not an event, I was prepared for. My focus on social emotional development become apparent to me when I faced challenges with my daughter that no one could explain but we overcame. I share the tools and strategies that I have acquired both in and out of the classroom to help families that desire a deeper connection with their children. 

What I do with 



"Thank you does not adequately express my gratitude towards you Ms. Nelson. You have been a source of inspiration and a great motivator to my children. You've taught them to be respectful and to never give up on their dreams. I really admire your patience with them and you made it such a joy for them to go to school. You made learning fun. She went above and beyond for her students. Covid did not stop her from doing what she loves and that's teaching. She missed her students so much that she took the time to meet them in a parking lot and entertain them with music, they had so much fun that they did not want to leave. That was a day I will never forget. You are an excellent teacher and thank you for the extraordinary work that you in as a teacher. Be safe and God Bless you."