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Parenting: Expectation vs reality

Parenthood is an experience is like no other. There are going to be things that happen you may have been prepared for, while other things are completely unexpected. I am going to share with you some of the expectations I had versus the reality of parenting.

Expectation: They will do exactly what I say, every time!

The reality of is, it just will not happen! While there are many things our children will do without hesitation, there are also things they will question and that is okay! They should be curious and we should be willing to share our thought process. This is how children learn from the world around them!

Expectation: We are always going to be happy with one another

While I would love to live in this fairytale world and be at peace all the time, I would miss the downs because they create learning opportunities for us both. Helping my daughter name and navigate her emotions has shown her that I genuinely care about her feelings and that her feelings matter. Showing her that respect makes her feel more comfortable sharing with me and that strengthens the relationship we both work towards.

Expectation: Your boundaries will always be respected

I would be lying if I said, my daughter does not push me to the limit from time to time, because hunnnnni, she DOES! I do not know what is in the food but these teenagers are something! I do not get it right all of the time but most of the time I have learned to QTIP- Quit Taking it Personal!

Expectation: Parenting is a magical experience

The reality is that raising children is a magical experience, it’s also filled with cleaning up messes, kids with attitudes and sometimes even feeling like you aren’t enough. Go easy on yourself, this parenting thing is not easy. Give yourself grace, and know that all parents are doing the best they can.

Overall, parenting is going to be a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. The important thing is to enjoy the adventure and choose to be happy parenting!

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