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4 Ways to Bond with your Teens

Four ways to bond with your teen

No one can prepare you for raising kids, and when it comes to the teenage years, many parents are looking for ways they can bond with their teens. Typically known as the age for wanting to distance from parents, these teenage years hold the potential to make great memories together!

1- Be relatable and compassionate

One of the common reasons for teens wanting space is because they feel like their parents may not relate to what they are going through. It’s important to remind your teen that you have been there, and biologically you share a lot in common. Be compassionate and remember that troubles for a teen may be small to us, but at the time it was catastrophic.

2- Value what they say

If you find yourself lucky enough to have a teenager who is willing to open up to you, it’s critical that you actively listen and learn. Find value in the conversation, nod along when you agree, and use facial expressions to indicate you are following (or not following) along. You can summarize things back to them along with any action items to ensure that you have understood, which will show them you are finding value in the conversation.

3- Encourage your children to be themselves, unapologetically

Children are very moldable and fragile beings, and the teenage years are a time of trying to find yourself. If you are looking to have a good relationship with your teen, you must support them through everything. Motivate your teen to do the things that make them happy no matter what people will think about them.

4- Acknowledge their feelings

Being a teenager is hard. Your body is changing, hormones raging, clothes fit weird, and feelings are wild. It’s important to remind yourself of what it feels like to be a teen and to acknowledge the feelings your teen is facing. Perhaps they just got their heartbroken, or didn’t get invited to the biggest party of the year, no matter the situation let them know their feelings are valid.

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